Monaco Open Air Cinema, Aug-Sep 2012

Program for 2nd half of summer.


It's a practical guide to enjoying life in Monaco. It's so obvious that we waited years for someone to create a site like this. But they haven't. So we did.

Thomas Delor Trio

2017-01-26 19:00

Jazz concert

Le Printemps des Arts avant l'heure

2017-01-24 19:00

Classical music concert

Printemps des Arts 2017

2017-03-17 00:00
2017-04-08 23:59

Spring classical music festival

Monaco Limone Friendship Party Jan 2017

2017-01-31 18:00

Apero and fashion show

La Clownerie du Port

2017-01-28 23:00

Themed clubbing and show

A poil et a plume

2017-01-27 19:00

Circus themed clubbing

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