Un de la Canebiere

2009-07-20 21:30

Musical theatre production by Les Carboni. Free entry.

Narcisse Guette

2009-07-13 22:00

Theatre group Ilotopie stage one of their choreographed water performances. Free entry.

Antigone Vietname

2009-07-06 21:30

Production of the Theatre du Monte Charge. Free entry.

Simply Red

2009-07-16 20:30

Tickets available from FNAC and Carrefour.

George Benson

2009-07-15 20:30

Tribute to Nat King Cole.

George Benson

2009-07-14 20:30

Tribute to Nat King Cole.

Flamenco in Monaco

Yesterday evening the Principality clicked its heels to the flamenco beat.

Dancer Nina de Fuego captured the audience's heart with her mesmerizing flamenco. She was accompanied by 3 guitarists playing a range of traditional music, including some well known tunes made famous by the Gypsy Kings.

Gypsy music

2009-06-24 19:30

Free summer music organised by the Mairie. Phone +377 93 15 28 63 for more information.

World and jazz music

2009-06-29 19:30

Organised by the Mairie, free summer music. Phone +377 93 15 28 63 for more information.

Scarlatti evening

2009-06-30 20:00

The Festival of Sacred Music presents a Scarlatti evening. Phone +377 93 30 87 70 for more information.

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