Japanese restaurant soon in Metropole

We reported way back in August a story about the Japanese restaurant in the Metropole Hotel that was due to open in September. A new launch date has been set for 2 December and press releases reveal that the chef is Takeo Yamazaki, who trained with Joel Robuchon in Japan. Yoshi, meaning "kindness", will not only serve sushi, sashimi and maki, but also a selection of dishes a la carte, as well as sakes and green teas. Itadakimasu!

I want a recount breakfast

2008-11-05 06:00

Celebrate with the winner or commiserate with the loser. Breakfast to mark the election of the 44th President of the United States.

Order of the Golden Beer Mug (Ordre de la Chope d'Or)

2008-11-28 20:00

Evening to celebrate beer. The 128th Chapter of the Order of the Golden Beer Mug get together to eat the finest food teamed with the finest beer. Price 150 euros including beer. For more information or to reserve places: +377 98 06 36 36.

Cheers! Beer at the Hotel de Paris

Following a very entertaining Oktober Fest (Munich beer festival) at the Yacht Club last month, now the Hotel de Paris has plans to celebrate beer on 28 November. The 128th Chapter of the Order of the Golden Beer Mug (Chope d'Or) will be gathering in the Salle Empire for an evening of gastronomy and beer. Its mission is to promote the amber liquid by encouraging great chefs to develop menus combining haute cuisine and beer.

New version of maBoum released

We've just released a new version of the site today. It's still in test mode and It won't look very different to those of you who have seen previous versions. However we've been making many changes to the technology.

No smoking from 1st of November

If you were planning on coming over to Monte Carlo to enjoy a cigar while taking your chance at the roulette tables, better do it before Saturday. Monaco is introducing a smoking ban in enclosed public spaces on 1 November, so you'll no longer be able to enjoy your cognac and Montecristo at the table after dinner. If you must light up, you'll have to join the rest of the smokers on the street corner.

Richard Bona, Sylvain Luc and Steve Gadd

2009-02-03 21:30

Bassist Richard Bona, guitarist Sylvain Luc and drummer Steve Gadd get together on stage. Doors open at 19.00, price 30 euros including drink.

Stefano di Battista

2009-01-27 21:30

Stefano di Battista is an Italian jazz saxophonist. Doors open at 19.00, price 30 euros including drink.

Magic Flute

2008-11-23 15:00

Mozart's opera performed in the Salle des Princes in the Grimaldi Forum.

Trio Soave

2008-11-04 20:30

Three women, clarinet, piano and viola, play Mozart, Schumann and Bruch.

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