Another star in the gastronomic firmament

The gourmet restaurant of the Port Palace Hotel has achieved its first Michelin star.

Regional street food

Every country of the world has its street food, regional snacks sold from kiosks, vans or shops and eaten on the move.

For all its luxury and glamour, Monaco is no exception to the rule, although you're much more likely to spot tourists enjoying the tasty fast food than wealthy residents of Monte Carlo. In the interests of research, we've been trying out the Principality's street food specialities, socca and barbagiuans (sometimes spelled barbajuans).

Concert: Dimple and Arjay

2009-02-25 00:36

€ 25

Alex +33 6 27 40 00 88
Nida: +33 6 09 23 47 25
Web site

Here's a video. It's not great technical quality, but shows off Dimple's talents as a singer:

Sunday always comes too late

You know what it's like, you've been partying hard in Zebra Square and Jimmy'z. You finally get to sleep at 7am on Sunday morning and you roll out of bed a little dazed around lunchtime.

Patrick Timsit

2009-03-29 18:00

As part of the 4th Serenissimes de l'Humour comedy festival Patrick Timsit performs his new One Man Stand Up Show in the Salle Prince Pierre.

Liane Foly

2009-03-28 20:30

As part of the 4th Serenissimes de l'Humour comedy festival, impersonator Liane Foly presents her show Folle Parenthese in the Salle des Princes.

Anthony Kavanagh

2009-03-27 20:30

As part of the 4th Serenissimes de l'Humour comedy festival Anthony Kavanagh presents his show Anthony in the Salle Prince Pierre.

The Lords of Altamont and The V-cious

2009-11-05 20:30
2009-11-05 23:59

Head banging rock music.

More choice for an evening in Monaco.

The local Monaco bus company (Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco, CAM) is introducing an extension to its schedule that means there's a continuous service from 7am to 1am the following day.

Jazz with Jilly Jackson

2009-02-28 19:30

An evening of jazz with Jilly Jackson,
Organised by the British Association of Monaco.
55 € for BAM members, 65 € for non-members.
Price includes dinner in the upstairs area.

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