OPMC: l'Esprit Espagnol

2021-06-06 18:00

OPMC "grande saison" concert

Josep Pons conducts pianist Nelson Goerner and the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra in a 2020-2021 season concert. Program includes music by Ravel, and de Falla.

  • Event info: OPMC - l'esprit espagnol
  • Prices: 17-35 euros, reductions available
  • Tickets: Monte Carlo Ticket
  • Contact: info and reservations +377 98 06 28 28
  • Other: masks compulsory, seating plan subject to health safety measures

For the 2020-2021 season only, bookings can be changed by phoning the ticket office at least one day before the event. In case of cancellation, refunds will be automatically made for credit card and online payments.