Zola: l'ecrit au service du pictural ou la tentation d'imposer le gout

2019-11-11 18:30

French language art conference

Writer and journalist Christophe Mory talks about Emile Zola's writings on the subject of visual art. The conference discusses whether literary descriptions of art serve the visual with descriptions, comments and explanations, or if writers are always at risk from imposing their own taste.

  • tickets 10 euros, available on the door from 17:00

One of a series of of conferences on the general theme of "arts croises" organized by the Association Monegasque pour la Connaissance des Arts (AMCA).

For more information email amca.conferences[at]gmail.com or evenements-amca[at]monaco.mc, phone +377 93 25 67 83 and visit the organizer's facebook page at: Association Monegasque pour la Connaissance des Arts.