Le monde marche sur la tete

2019-09-17 18:30
2019-10-26 18:00

Biennial outdoor art exhibition

From 17 September to 26 October, on pedestrian street rue Princesse Caroline, 14 sculptors and modellers of the Artistes en Mouvement association present a street exhibition of artworks on the theme "Le monde marche sur la tete" (The world is walking on its head).

  • 17 September, 18:30, official opening
  • free entry, open to the public

The artists are: Maria Amos, Barna Gacsi, Gerard Braguy, Elisabeth Brainos, Valerie Denamur, Maurizio Del Piano, Marc Gaillet, Elisabetta Giannaccini and Franco Ceragioli, Helena Krajewicz / Rob Rowlands, Lapicore and Lawicka (AL2), NYS (Herve Nys), Gery Rudent, SETCH, and Frederic Tostain.

For more information email aem[at]monaco.mc and visit the organizer's website at: AeM Artistes en Mouvement.