OPMC: Cacherto-Grosso

2020-04-09 18:30

Chamber concert

In the Auditorium's Troparium, an informal recital by Cacherto-Grosso, six members of the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra. The program includes chamber music by Achron, Pollack, and Dinicu, as well as popular music arranged by one of the group's violinists, Alexandre Guerchovitch.

  • tickets 13 euros
  • un-numbered seating

Following the recital members of the audience are invited to meet the musicians over a drink.

A Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra 2019-20 Musical Happy Hour performance.

For a full program visit the orchestra's website at: OPMC: season 19/20 upcoming concerts. For information, reservations and tickets, phone +377 98 06 28 28 and visit the venue ticket office.