Sainte Devote's Day 2020

2020-01-27 00:00

Public holiday celebrating Monaco's patron saint

Celebrations for Saint Devote, the patron saint of Monaco and the Princely Family. Events begin on Saint Devote's Eve:

26 Jan

  • 10:30, Monegasque language mass, blessing of the sea at Eglise Ste Devote
  • 18:30, tribute to Ste Devote, symbolic boat enters Port Hercule
  • 18:45, Ste Devote procession along avenue JF Kennedy
  • 19:00, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at Eglise Ste Devote
  • 19:45, burning of symbolic boat at Eglise Ste Devote
    followed by musical fireworks

27 Jan

On the morning of Saint Devote's Day, the saint's relics are welcomed to Monaco Cathedral, where a pontifical mass is celebrated, followed by a procession through the streets of the Rocher and prayers by the Archbishop asking the saint to protect Prince Albert, his family, Monaco and its residents:

  • 9:45, reception of the relics at the Cathedral
  • 10:00, pontifical mass with music and chants performed by the Maitrisse de la Cathedrale and the Petits Chanteurs de Monaco
  • 11:30, procession of relics through Monaco Ville
  • 16:00, organ concert at Eglise Ste Devote

Sainte Devote became Monaco's patron saint in the 17th century under Honore II, and traditional celebrations have taken place since 1874. Read maBoum's brief outline of the saint's story at: Saint Devote's Day Tomorrow.